This weekend we celebrate Fathers day, and I began thinking on what that meant. It is usually assumed that a child and their fathers had some wonderful close best friend type relationship, which if they did, wonderful, but it doesn‘t always work out that way.

When I think back on when my boys were born, and even during their growing up years, there was no doubt that I loved them, and provided for them as best I could, but in all honesty, my wife was closer too them than I was. They would go talk to her about things that I probably would have either brushed off or maybe been less than helpful on. I will admit, I’m probably less than a “listen and understand” type guy. I will also admit that I was way too often judgmental and hard, on some things. It’s part of my nature I guess! The fact remains, now as I look back, I wish I had been a better father in the areas that I let them down. I watch them both now as they have grown into fine young men with families and children of their own, and see that Use of “Hopefully” (consider revising) they learned something from me that I never really intended to teach them, how to be the type father I was not. They are both much more active in the child rearing process than I was, and I am thankful for that, because they will gain a closeness that I missed.

One Fathers day several years ago, my boys gave me a thin line bible, and it has written in the front of it “Our earthly example of our heavenly Father” . Every time I read that I almost tear up and hang my head with shame because I realize just how far from that, I really was. I love my sons, always have, and always will! My hopes and dreams are that neither of my sons look back in their future and utter the words “I wish I had been a better dad”, and that someday off in their future, their kids will say “Our earthly example of our heavenly Father”, and it is completely true.
With that said, I want to say, Happy Fathers Day boys, and I love you!


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