I am a semi-retired general contractor from Bowling Green Kentucky. I’m new to the blogging world, and will therefore probably make some mistakes. Please bear with me!

   In my post and ramblings, I will sometimes use, straight talk, humor, and sarcasam, on things that inspire me, or tick me off, others, I will attemt to be somewhat more serious. It will be left up to you to decide which I’m using! Thank you for your visits, and I hope to see you here often!

   DISCLAIMER: Things you will see here, are, for the most part, my personal views, and opinnions, on various subjects. I never intentionally set out to offend anyone, but it happens sometimes! Views, and opinnions, are like faces, some you like, some you don’t, but we’re still all, God’s children! If you do become offended, get used to it, I have!  LIFE, ISN’T ALWAYS FAIR!!! Besides, this is “my” blog!!  🙂


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