Growing the economy “top down”

Our economic success has never come from the top down,” said Obama. “It comes from the middle out. It comes from the bottom up.

You know, I’ve heard this statement, or at least one fairly similar, from the president for over five years now, and I’m always somewhat amazed by it. Now I’m just a poor old country boy, but even I know that that theory won’t hold up under any scrutiny at all.
Like I said, I’m a country boy. I was raised on a farm, and at times we raised crops. During the gathering process, we often put the grain in sacks. In all my years of watching those sacks being filled, not one time, did they fill from the “middle” or the “bottom up”. We often had to feed and water our animals, and we used buckets for the process. Again, not one time, did those buckets miraculously fill themselves from “the middle out”, or, “the bottom up”. In each of the examples I just presented, the “filling up”, came from the top down, in order to even reach, the bottom.

Now I understand that president Obama, not being a country boy, most likely never helped fill a grain sack, or toted a water, or feed bucket, and would be somewhat at a disadvantage on how things get filled up, but to stand in front of Americans and tell us he has a clue on how to “fill up” our bucket of success, comes off as dubious at best.

As a country boy, I’d like to offer my services to president Obama, as a “fill up” czar. I will not charge the American taxpayer one red cent. The process is really quite simple Mr. president. You see, the rich, those evil people you blame for all our financial woes, spend their money to buy things, start companies, invest in other businesses, or just loan out, to make more money. Oh yes, they also pay taxes! For that matter Mr. president, they pay 70% of all the taxes paid, unlike the 40% of Americans that pay nothing, you know, the ones you so proudly claim grows our economy. As they do this, the next guys down the economic ladder, sell them products, work in their companies, borrow the money to improve their homes, and lives in general, all the while, striving to become, you guessed it, “rich”. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, wants to stay at the bottom!

As you can see Mr. president, the economy starts to get filled “from the top down”, not “the middle out“, or “bottom up”.  It takes us all, working in harmony, to grow. Your constant harping on the rich and their “fair share” bunk, does nothing more than disrupt the links that holds us together, or is that your true intent!

I have several friends that own farms, and if it would help you understand growing things, I could see if they might give you a Summer job. If you’re interested in learning, let me know.