Season Reason The real one

Just a few short years ago (not really), we spent Christmas Eve (plus numerable other late nights) putting together toys, placing the proper stickers in the proper places, or other preparatory chores of love, getting ready for “The Big Night”, before “The Big Day”, Christmas day, when all those months of searching for just the right gifts, were greeted with huge grins, or squeals of joy, that expressed to us that we had done well. Those years were great, and we have great memories of the early morning paper ripping’s, and the smells of breakfast on the stove as the boys explored their new found treasures, and we made preparations to go to grandparents homes an start the package demolitions all over again.
Things change with time though. The boys are off with their own children now, doing similar things with them, as they did under our watch. Most of the grandparents have passed, and now Christmases are quieter, and much more spread out, instead of pretty much a one and a half day affair. We don’t begrudge the passing of the torches really, we just remember the younger days as maybe more “hands on” if you will, and find even a touch of pride in the fact that those feelings are presented to a new generation.
Although our personal Christmas “Season” has changed over the years, the purpose behind it, has not. We still celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus, the Christ child. We celebrate the fact that because a promise that God, the Father, made, thousands of years before, was finally fulfilled. We celebrate it for multiple reasons, one, because it proves that God keeps His word, and second, because today, we live under another promise, the promise that, because of the birth we so celebrate as Christians, we now know that through our faith in Him, and His eventual death on a cross, we shall have a forever home with Jesus, where life will never change, or we will never grow old.
Thank you God, and thank you Jesus, and “Merry Christmas“, to you Both, and an extended MERRY CHRISTMAS, to all my family and friends! May you find peace in the only one that can bring about, true peace, Jesus, the real reason, for this season!


Christmas morning change.

   As we approach Christmas day, I asked on my Facebook page, for my friends to comment on favorite traditions, or tell of a special memory. I received several responses, with many of the same, yet unique versions, of a typical Christmas day. It brought back memories of the years when my boys were still at home, and some of the special things we did, at our house. Almost every memory brought a smile to my face but one, and this is the story as to why that one didn’t.

   For over twenty years, we all got up early (well,” I” woke “them” up before daylight, as early as 4AM, to be exact) on Christmas morning to “see what Santa” brought. We made them wait, so they could both go see what was under the tree together, while my wife and I watched to see their expressions as they viewed what was there. Most of the time, they were still half asleep, so it took a bit for the adjustment, and I was most often more excited, than they were! After the sleep began to fade, they came alive, and dived in, to find, and open presents. Later my wife’s parents came out for breakfast, and we did the usual flurry of package ripping, amid sounds of Christmas music and laughter. Then, we proceeded to get dressed after a bit, and go to my parents home, for the normal Christmas dinner, followed by, you guessed it, another round of the gift opening, with the same sounds as before. We sat around for a while, digesting the delicious meals prepared by my mother, and just talking. Then around five, we sat off to my wife’s parents for the third huge meal of the day, and then just sat around talking for a while.
   Like I said, this scenario went on, with minor variations, for over twenty years, and I loved every minute of them. Then came something I had never prepared myself for, change! The last Christmas before my youngest son got married, I was going to do my usual thing, but my wife said let them sleep in till they woke up on their own. It like to have broken my heart! I went on and got up, by myself, went into the living room, sat in a chair, and cried for the first time on a Christmas morning, because I knew that Christmas mornings, had just changed, forever.

   This change happened close to twelve years ago, but comes back each year, as if it were yesterday, and on occasion, I still cry. Not because I want back those days, but the feelings of that morning, are still there. Change is hard for us older folks, but it is a reality. My boys, whom I love dearly, and miss a lot, are grown, gone, married, and have kids of their own now, they both live in other distant states, and they’re starting traditions of their own, with their children, which they will find joy in, for many years to come, but, I wonder, if someday, on a future Christmas morning, they will get up, by themselves, sit in a chair, and cry, because, things have just changed forever.